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oezpa at ISPSO – International Society for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organiztions

Sat 23rd June:

Talk with Hüseyin Özdemir & Barbara Lagler Özdemir:

The Digital Work Place – Where desire meets resistance: The Psychodynamics of Digital Transformation & Leadership

Digitization and new technological trends like digital and Social Media, Big Data, Robotics, “Artificial” Intelligence, Internet of Everything, Cloud Computing, Bring Your Own Devices (BOD), are changing rapidly processes, roles, structures, ways of working as well as cultures in organizations. Managers have a desire and a need to keep up with these trends to improve efficiency and productivity and protect their organizations and products as well as services from being disrupted. At the same time, they must balance these needs with the changing desires and individual and collective anxieties of their employees in the digital age. Digitalization and the many opportunities but also risks are all leading to new, unknown shores. Organizations with their managers and employees are not prepared for that. Consultants and coaches must prepare themselves for this work as well.

To develop into a networked, so called agile organization and to create digital workplaces are some challenges and desires of organizations. The young generation desire to live in a digital environment without giving up their private networks, their private devices and autonomy.

The digital transformation and the mastery of the implementation process are the key success factors in order to succeed in the market and in the enterprise. Managers and their consultants need to understand and master the changes that digitization brings and the demands as well as desires that companies make on them.

The process of organizational digital transformation is aiming to bring organizations into this desired state. Overwhelmed by all this changes and requirements inner and open resistance is shown by co-workers and managers as well. New forms of organizations and leadership behaviour are required for the future in order to deal with these dynamics (so called `Leadership 4.0´).

In this talk and the discussion with the participants, which combines organizational, technological and human aspects, we would like to address the dynamics, the challenges and the experiences in this new field of digital transformation and Leadership 4.0. The concept of our talk would be cases of digital transformation processes. In this sense, we would suggest a theoretical framework for categorizing the digital transformation and its unconscious dynamics.

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