oezpa Team

oezpa-Teammitglieder sind ehemalige Führungskräfte und Expert*innen. Sie kommen aus unterschiedlichen beruflichen Hintergründen. Gemeinsam arbeiten sie zielgerichtet in interdisziplinären Beratungs-, Trainings- und Coaching-Teams des oezpa-Instituts.


Dr. Mónica Velarde Lazarte


Frau Dr. Mónica Velarde Lazarte ist oezpa-Associate und Senior Coach. Sie arbeitet für das oezpa-Institut aus Genf/ Schweiz heraus.

Monica is a social scientist, organisational and leadership development consultant and coach. She is committed to building authentic professional alliances with her clients, accompanying them to find their own rhythm and insight through the dynamics of change.

She offers her clients rigorous research, consultancy and evaluation skills. Her working approach is strongly influenced by sociotechnical design principles, building scaffolds that support the emergence of leadership and cultural change. Her interest is in unconscious processes and in the development of social and intellectual capital through strategies of inter/intra organisational collaboration.

She has pioneered the development of “The Territory”-a virtual platform for experiential learning and she continues to work on the development of research logics for the adaptation of Group Relations Conferences into virtual environments. Throughout her career, Mónica has led the introduction of the Group Relations Tradition to Organisational Consultancy in Peru, Colombia and Panamá and Hope of the Amazon Civil Association since 2013.

She is a faculty member of Esan Business School and a Professional Associate of the Indian Institute of Management in Ahmedabad. Monica is a native Spanish speaker with professional proficiency in English and French.