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Discovering Leadership: Authenticity, Action and Responsibility – a group relations conference

Conference overview

Conference Director: Ben Neal

A four-day non-residential conference for the development and understanding of the dynamics of leadership.

How can we move into and between our organizational roles, in good faith, and from a position of authenticity?

How do we take appropriate action (or not) both individually and as part of a group, with a sense of agency, authority, and clear intention?

To what and to who are we responsible, and how is this dimension of leadership articulated when taking up multiple complex roles? In what way do the actions we take effect and change the systems we inhabit and people that populate them?

How do we live with both what we do, and don’t do in our group and organizational lives?

This group relations conference provides an opportunity for deep learning about the complex dynamics of leadership, from the individual, to the group, to the organization.

More information and applying here.

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